Karcher Fenster Vac Kv 4 Kabellos Wiper Giel 1.633-920.0


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MPN: 1.633-920.0 EAN: 4054278311821

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Geschätzte Liwwerdatumer vum 07/07/2021 - 12/07/2021

The new vibrating KV 4 cordless wiper from Kärcher effortlessly cleans smooth surfaces, including windows, mirror surfaces, glass tables, tiles and much more. The cordless wiper makes cleaning easier due to its vibrations, which are produced by the battery-powered motor, and water being dispensed electrically. As if by magic, dirt is removed by simply gliding over dirty surfaces – making the hassle of scrubbing a thing of the past. The new cleaning device only has two control elements which make it easy to use. It is also compact and requires little preparation. You can start cleaning as soon as the tank is filled with the supplied detergent concentrate and water. In addition, the included KV 4 wiping cloth is washable and can, therefore, be reused again and again. When cleaning is complete, we recommend using a Kärcher Window Vac to remove the excess fluid.

Schouljoer Fënsteren
Faarf giel
EAN 4054278311821
Hiersteller Nr. 1.633-920.0
Engagement naass Botzen
Botzen Leeschtung Fläch max. 100 m²
  Fënster, ongeféier 33 Stécker
Akku Pack Schouljoer Li-Ion
  Zäit lafen 35 Minutt
  Opluedzäit 160 Minutt
Service LED Display am Feld
Volume Flëssegkeetsbehälter 0.18 Liter
Stroumversuergung 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, Batterie
Equipement sinn Lithium-Ion Batterie, Batteriespäicher, Glasreiniger Konzentrat, 1 x 20 ml
Dimensiounen Breet: 94mm x Héicht: 100mm x Déift / Längt: 260mm
Gewiicht 500 Gramm