Philips Senseo Switch Hd6592 / 60, Filter & Pad Coffee Machine (Black)


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MPN: HD6592 / 60 EAN: 8710103845287

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With the Philips Senseo Switch HD6592 / 60 coffee maker, you can make a pot of favorite filter coffee for yourself and your guests in no time at all, or you can prepare your very own cup from the Senseo at the push of a button. Thanks to the simple and user-friendly 2-in-1 brewing technology, you can make a cup or cup of filter or pad coffee as you like. In addition to the normal, mild coffee can be prepared with the Senseo Switch HD6592 / 60 also a strong, small coffee. Just press the 1-cup button or the 2-cup button twice. And Crema Plus gives you coffee with a fine, velvety crema layer – cup by cup.

Type pad machine
Faarf schwaarz
EAN 8710103845287
Hiersteller Nr. HD6592 / 60
Design Thermo jug made of stainless steel
Muecht Coupë 7
  Waasser Tank 1 Liter
Botzen scaling indicator
Coupe Héicht Max. 130 mm
Pumpendruck 1 Bar
Eegeschaften Removable water tank, drip tray removable, water level indicator, cup scale, automatic switch-off, descaling reminder, 2-cup cover
Wuertmeldung Various types of pad and filter coffee for every occasion, delicious crema as proof of Senseo quality
Service Jug or cup at the touch of a button
Stroumversuergung Input Frequenz 50 Hz
  Konsum Affär 1,450 Watts
  Kabellängt 0.8 Meter
Kaffi System Senseo
Eegeschafte Transparent water tank, suitable for coffee powder
Fonktioun Crema Plus, intensity adjustment, 2-in-1 brewing technology for pad and filter coffee machines in one
zousätzlech Informatiounen Brewing time of a cup: 30 seconds, brewing time of a pot: 8.5 minutes
Equipement sinn Pad holder, coffee pot
Dimensiounen Breet: 150 mm x Héicht: 270 mm x Déift / Längt: 400 mm
Gewiicht 1.8 kg